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Summer 2014 Seminars & Master-Classes


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7-12 July

Classical Ottoman Singing by Ahmet Erdoğdular
Greek Bouzouki by Giorgos Manolakis


14-19 July

Violin by Giorgos Papaioannou
Oud for less advanced students by Giorgos Mavromanolakis
Music Ensemble by Efren López
Ney for beginners by Christos Barbas


21-26 July

Afghan Rabab by Daud Khan Sadozai
Rhythmic Improvisation by Haris Lambrakis
Digital Recording (DAW) and Music Production by Efren López
Lyra with sympathetic strings by Kelly Thoma
Modal Composition by Ross Daly


28 July - 2 August

Arabic Oud by Adel Selameh
Tamburello and South Italian Percussion styles by Carlo Rizzo
Ney by Ömer Erdoğdular
Music Ensemble / Contemporary Modal Compositions by Christos Barbas
Music of Afghanistan by Daud Khan Sadozai


4-9 August

Arabic Oud (master class)  by Adel Selameh
Bulgarian vocal repertoire by Tsvetanka Varimezova
Bulgarian music & Gaida by Ivan Varimezov
Nyckelharpa by Eleonore Billy
Frame drums by Zohar Fresco


11-16 August

Fretless Guitar and Kopuz (master class) by Erkan Oğur
Armenian Duduk by Tigran Aleksanyan
Kemençe (klasik) by Derya Türkan
Yaylı Tanbur and Makam by Evgenios Voulgaris
Iranian Tar & Radif by Ηooshang Farahani


18-23 August

Turkish Oud (master class) by Yurdal Tokcan
Turkish Kanun by Göksel Baktagir
Turkish Oud for less advanced students by Ufuk Kaan İçli
Lavta by Periklis Papapetropoulos


25-30 August

Tanbur and Makam by Murat Aydemir
Phrasing and rhythmic structures in Modal music by Martha Mavroidi
Saz by Periklis Papapetropoulos & Cihan Türkoğlu


1-6 September

Persian Tombak by Pedram Khavar-Zamini
Cretan laouto by Giorgos Xylouris
Cretan lyra by Zacharis Spyridakis
Cretan mandolin by Michalis Kontaxakis


8-13 September

Music Ensemble / Introduction to Celtic music by Morag Brown & Lewis Powell-Reid
Bulgari and Laouto styles from Hania by Leonidas Laïnakis
Percussion in Cretan music by Giannis Papatzanis

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