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We are feeling very excited to announce you that this summer we will organize Open Seminars and Master Classes (MC) on both, Crete and Rhodes!!


All Together



  • Bouzouki, 'Giorgos Zambetas and the Polyphonic uses of Bouzouki'
  • Turkish Tanbur and Makam 
  • A journey into Cretan Music
  • Ney
  • Classical Ottoman Singing
  • Taksim in the Turkish Style Violin
  • Arabic Nay
  • Kanun, Basic Techniques and Repertoire 
  • The Modal Music in the World of the Greek Clarinet
  • Music Group
  • Rhythmic Cycles 
  • Kaval, Traditional Balcan Rhythms
  • Gaida, Balkan Rhythms and Repertoire
  • Bulgarian Singing 
  • North Indian Classical Music (Hindustani)
  • Medieval Music
  • Armenian Duduk
  • A Modal Perspective 
  • Music and Communication Beyond the Words
  • Arabic Oud  
  • Kamancha in music of Iran & Azerbaijan, Repertoire and Improvisations
  • Afghan Rabab
  • Accompaniment in Modal Music
  • Kurdish Makam with Tanbur
  • Turkish Oud, Basic Techniques and Repertoire
  • Percussion in Greek Tradition
  • Lavta
  • Cretan Mandolin
  • Cretan Laouto
  • Cretan Lyra
  • Askomantoura 
  • Songs of the Cretan Tradition



  • Structure & Phrasing of Makams
  • Lyra with Sympathetic Strings
  • Taksim, an Improvisational journey (MC)
  • Music Group
  • The Makam in Turkish Urban Music
  • Frame Drums (MC)
  • Saz
  • The Instrument as a Voice
  • The Music of Zacharia Hanende 
  • Turkish Oud (MC)
  • Kanun (MC)
  • The Music of Instanbul
  • Arabic Music
  • Motif (Melodic Pattern) & Rhythm
  • Tombak (MC)
  • The Music and the Instruments of the Nomads of South-West Anatolia
  • Yayli Tanbur and Makam
  • Iranian Tar & Radiff
  • The Music of Epirus and "the Skaros" (MC)