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Kelly Thoma - Lyra With Sympathetic Strings

Kelly PrincessIn this seminar, Kelly Thoma will share with her students the knowledge which she has acquired over the years from Ross Daly as well as from other master musicians of various different traditions who have significantly influenced her musical world. She will analyze techniques, repertoire, as well as certain ways of working delicately and carefully with certain aspects of harmony which facilitate the playing of two or more such lyras together. This is something which she has been working on with Ross for the last 10 years. Depending on the level of the students in the seminar, she will devote more or less time to exercises for the right hand bowing technique as well as to strengthening the left hand fingering for the sake of greater accuracy with regards to the intervals.

Necessary level for the participation:

• Medium knowledge level
• Knowledge of modal systems is not necessary
• Knowledge of Music writing is not necessary
• Instrument centered seminar

Kelly Thoma, has been studying the Lyra with Sympathetic strings alongside Ross Daly since 1995. This means that she has worked intensively on the repertoire, the sound quality, as well as the future possibilities of this instrument.

Event Properties

Event Date 11-07-2017
Event End Date 16-07-2017
Individual Price 230€
Rhodes, Greece
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
230€ 18

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