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Martha Mavroidi - Motif (Melodic Pattern) and Rhythm

Martha1The topic of this workshop will be improvisation in modal music. The emphasis will be on phrasing, meaning the small melodic units which serve as the foundation of an improvisation or a composition. By dismantling and analysing improvisations and compositions of modal music this workshop will try to build a repertoire of phrase material, and improvise by taking information from this data base.

Each phrase is a melodic nucleus, from which a larger melodic entity can be developed. In reality it contains a double meaning, apart from melodic content each phrase equally represents a rhythmic pattern

In this workshop it will be demonstrated how the rhythmic pattern of a phrase can serve not only as the foundation for a free Improvisation, but also how it can be readjusted in a rhythmic improvisation.

Necessary level for the participation:

• All knowledge level accepted
• Basic knowledge of Modal systems
• Knowledge of Music writing
• Open to instruments and singers

Martha Mavroidi was born in Athens. She studied musicology in Athens, ethnomusicology in London and Los Angeles, and contemporary music in Amsterdam. She has composed music for short and feature films, documentaries, and dance and theater productions.


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Event Date 08-08-2017
Event End Date 13-08-2017
Individual Price 230€
Rhodes, Greece
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
230€ 9

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