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 Type of Seminar: Open- Instrument centered*

 Level of participants: Intermediate

 Sight Reading: Necessary
 This seminar will focus on the Iranian style of Oud playing. We will play several Pieces, coming from Iranian repertoire in different Dastgah/Avaz,  and through these pieces and finally doing some improvisations, we will try to explore more and understand the instrument from both a technical  and stylistic point of view.



Event Date 22-07-2024 6:00 pm
Event End Date 27-07-2024 1:00 pm
Individual Price 248€
Location Anogia

Ross B 1

Type of Seminar: Open - Music Group

Participant Level: Intermediate, Participants will be required to have at least a basic knowledge of Turkish/Arabic makam (or also Persian Dastgah) as well as a basic to medium level of playing a suitable instrument as a prerequisite to joining this seminar.

Sight Reading: Necessary

One of the aspects of makam music which is of greatest interest is the way in which all of the makams interact with one another in what is quite literally a labyrinth of different combinations and configurations. 

Event Date 29-07-2024 6:00 pm
Event End Date 03-08-2024 1:00 pm
Individual Price 248€
Location Anogia