Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in half of the seminar? What is the price for this?

We don't suggest to participate in the half of the seminar because the balance in the class may be perturbed. In case you decide to do it anyway, you have to discuss it with the secretary (Ms. Stella Vasilaki [email protected] | Tel.:+30 2810 741 027).

Can I record / videotape the lessons?

You have permission to record/ videotape the lessons for private and archival use with the permission of each teacher – don’t forget to bring with you your own equipment!!!

Do I have to bring my own instrument? Are there instruments to use at Musical Workshop Labyrinth?

The instruments of ‘Ross Daly collection’ are not available for the students to use. However, if you have problems bringing your own instruments, or if you want to buy one, we'll be happy to help you through our contacts - don’t hesitate to ask.

Is it possible to participate in more than one seminar per week?

Each seminar that we provide is quite intensive and lasts 30h/6 days. Seminars of the same week take place at the same hours which makes it impossible to be in two places simultaneously.

Is there a required level in order to participate in the seminars of ‘Labyrinth Musical Workshop’? Can I attend as a beginner (instrument / musical tradition)?

The “Open” seminars are basically geared to musicians who are already at a medium level and above. The reason for this is that a beginner is much less able to absorb a large amount of information in a short space of time which will then be worked on over the intervening time until the next such encounter. Beginners usually need small amounts of information at regular intervals stretched over a long time.

Having said this, however, we have observed that many people who are not at an advanced level and who might not understand or be able to participate in all that goes on in the seminar are nonetheless able to benefit from their participation to quite a considerable degree. This usually depends on the mindset of the student him/ herself. Some people are not bothered by their inability to participate actively in all that goes on, and they are happy to simply observe and participate whenever and wherever possible. For these people, participation in a seminar which works at a level more advanced than their own is usually beneficial.

Other people, on the other hand, become anxious and uncomfortable when they are not able to participate in all aspects of the seminar. For these people we would recommend that perhaps they should wait until they reach a level that enables them to feel comfortable and thus be able to enjoy their participation without stress.
In every case, we leave the decision entirely up to the student and we do not include or exclude people from seminars based on judgments concerning their level. The teachers are however instructed to work at the level of the medium to advanced students.
*Μaster Classes

They are geared to high-level students and the number of participants is limited to 10. It is necessary to send video/ recording ([email protected]) for the approval of your participation by the teacher of the seminar. Read more...

Is there any certificate of participation given at the completion of the seminar?

Certificate of participation will be given only to those who completed the entire seminar signed by the teacher and the Artistic director of “Labyrinth” musical workshop, Ross Daly.

Is there any free Internet access?

There is free wi - fi access at the Labyrinth Musical Workshop as well as at the restaurants and cafés of the village.
In any of these cases you need to bring your own device to get connected.

What is the maximum number of participants in the seminars?

The number of participants in “Open” seminars can reach 20, while for Μaster Classes 12. Read more...


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