Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in half of the seminar? What is the price for this?

We don't suggest to participate in half of the seminar because the balance in the class may be perturbed. In case you decide to do it anyway, you have to discuss it with the secretary.

Can I record / videotape the lessons?

You have permission to record/videotape the lessons for private and archival use with the permission of each teacher – don’t forget to bring with you your own equipment!

Do I have to bring my own instrument? Are there instruments to use at Musical Workshop Labyrinth?

Ιf you have problems bringing your own instruments, or if you want to buy one, we'll be happy to help you through our contacts - don’t hesitate to ask [email protected]

Is it possible to participate in more than one seminar per week?

Each seminar that we provide is quite intensive and lasts one week. Seminars of the same week take place at the same hours which makes it impossible to be in two places simultaneously.

Is there a required level in order to participate in the seminars of ‘Labyrinth Musical Workshop’? Can I attend as a beginner (instrument / musical tradition)?

Read more about the type & the level of the seminars here!

Is there any certificate of participation given at the completion of the seminar?

Certificate of participation will be given only to those who completed the entire seminar signed by the teacher and the Artistic Director of the “Labyrinth” musical workshop, Ross Daly.

What is the maximum number of participants in the seminars?

The number of participants in Open seminars can reach 20, while for Μaster Classes 12.