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The scheduled concert for 29th July in the yard of the Paleontological Museum in Rethymno, will be presented with a modified program due to the sudden illness of Mr  Vasilis Stavrakakis.

The actual program includes compositions of Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, Giorgos Papaioannou & Yasamine Shahhosseini.

The members of Mitos Orchestra who participate in the concert are:

Pavlos Spyropoulos-double bass

Giorgos Papaioannou-violin

Yasamine Shahhosseini-oud

Sakir Ozan Uygan-percussion

Jakob Hoffman -percussion

with them Christos Barbas-ney

In the yard of the Paleontological Museum at 21:30 in Rethymno with free Entrance

It is with great pleasure that we announce that, after two years of minimal activity due to Covid 19, the Musical Workshop Labyrinth will now be able to present a full program of seminars this coming summer. It is only unfortunate that these seminars will not be able to take place in our home village of Houdetsi due to the extensive damages which our building and indeed the entire village has suffered. For that reason, we will conduct these seminars in the town of Anogia (June & July), a historic town on mount Ida with a long and rich musical tradition. We are extremely grateful to the offer of hospitality for this year and we hope to be able next year to return to Houdetsi to the new building which is currently being prepared for us.

Seminars - June/ July ( Anogia)

June 20-25
• Efren Lopez- Music Group
• Muhittin Kemal- Turkish Repertoire & Kanun Technique (for all instruments)
• Taxiarchis Georgoulis - Turkish Oud : Repertoire, Τechnique & Taksim
June 27- July 2
• Ιsabel Martin- Iberian Songs (for singers & instruments)
• Michalis Stavrakakis- Mandolin: Repertoire & Technique 

Avgerini Gatsi- Greek Songs: Variations & Improvisation

July 4-9
• Zacharias Spyridakis – “Hommage to Nikos Xylouris’’ (for all instruments of Cretan Music)
• Daud Khan Sadozai- Afghan Rabab & Repertoire
• Danai Loukidi- Violin: Repertoire & Technique
July 11-16
• Veka Aler-Songs of Anatolia & Repertoire
• Arslan Hazreti -Azerbaijan Repertoire (for all instruments)
• Hania Luthufi- Introduction to Hindustani Classical Music
July 18-23
• Lamia Yared- Muwashahat: Classical Arabic Vocal Repertoire
• Kourosh Ghazvineh- Kurdish Secret & Secular Music
• Tigran Aleksanyan – Armenian Music Repertoire
July 25-30
• Periklis Papapetropoulos-Lavta: Repertoire & Technique
• Chrysanthi Gkika-The Istanbul Kemence: Repertoire & Technique
• Christos Barbas- Ney & Modal Music


A document verifying student status in the current year is required and must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The discount will be valid after confirmation and approval!

CONCERTS PROGRAM '40 Years Labyrinth'                                                                                      

On the occasion of the 40 Years Anniversary of ‘Labyrinth Musical Workshop’ four concerts will be held in the Town Hall at Peza in co-organization with the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Archanes Asterousia, the Association of Friends of Labyrinth Musical Workshop and with a proposed support of the Ministry of Culture.
These concerts are characterized by the participation of dozens - mainly from Greece – musicians representants in the field of modal music traditions.                                     

31 March 2022 'Labyrinth' in the music of Crete I

Giorgis Xylouris -Spyridoula Toutoudaki -Michalis Stavrakakis -Stelios Petrakis -Giorgos Stavrakakis -Dimitris Sideris-Harris Bakas-Giorgos Zacharioudakis-Kelly Thoma -Ross Daly

1 April 2022 -Classical Iranian Music 

Yasamin Shahhosseini & Pedram Khavarzamini

2 April 2022- Ross' Daly Compositions

Ross Daly-Kelly Thoma -Mayu Shviro-Yasamini Shahhosseini-Harris Lambrakis -Pedram Khvarzamini & Muhittin Kemal 

3 April 2022-'Labyrinth' in the music of Crete II

Vassilis Stavrakakis-Evgenia Toli-Damavoliti-Zacharias Spyridakis-Giorgos Manolakis-Giannis Papatzanis-Giorgos Stavrakakis-Kelly Thoma & Ross Daly

Special measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the state-issued regulations, Labyrinth Musical Workshop has  ensured that special measures will be applied during the concerts in the Town Hall at Peza. We would like  to inform the public that all events will be carried out with the utmost safety, under very strict  regulations.
More specifically, Labyrinth Musical Workshop has adopted all health measures issued by the Greek  government with regard to live events. These special measures aim at keeping audiences safe both upon  entering and upon exiting the venue, as well as for the entire time they remain at the venue.
Audiences are strongly advised to arrive in time, namely 0,5-1 hour before the start of the performance,  due to the limited number of seats, in order to avoid delay and crowding. Audiences arriving after the  start of the performance will not be admitted to the venue.
We ask for the audience's understanding and their cooperation in implementing measures and adhering  to the regulations.

Audiences must be aware of the following:

• The entrance in the venue is allowed only after showing a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19.
• The use of non-medical masks is mandatory upon entering, exiting the theatre venues AND DURING THE SHOWS. Audience members must keep their masks on.
• Crowding in the entrance & all public areas must be avoided.
• Audiences must comply with the instructions of the staff.

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