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February - March 2020 | 6 Concerts at the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion, Crete

The Musical Workshop Labyrinth, in cooperation with the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion, invites you on a music journey of 6 concerts.

  • Location of the concerts: Concerts Ηall, Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion
  • Starting time: 21.00 (The kiosk for tickets closes at 20:50. For those who arrive after 21.00, they can enter the concert only after the break of each part ONLY if they have already booked their tickets online!!)


Sunday 9 February 

Part Α | “Pieces from Greece, Turkey and the Arab world in a solo performance of a turkish oud”
Part Β | “Compositions of Ross Daly”

Reservations & More info about the 1st concert...

Sunday 16 February 

Part Α | Kelly Thoma & Mayu Shviro “Duet”
Part Β | “Under the shade”: an imagined apprenticeship with the great Ottoman composer of the 19th century Neyzen Salih Dede (1823-1886)

Reservations & More info about the 2nd concert...

Sunday 23 February

Part Α | “Muhabbet”: songs from both sides of the Aegean (Turkey & Greece)
Part Β | “Traditional songs from the East Aegean and Asia Minor”

Reservations & More info about the 3rd concert...

Sunday 1 March

Part Α | Giorgos (violin) & Nikos Papaioannou (cello)

Part B | Bijan Chemirani "Solo Percussion"

Part C | Ross Daly (lyra with sympathetic strings, nak tarhu) Bijan Chemirani (percussion), Kelly Thoma (lyra with sympathetic strings), Μayu Shviro (cello), Giorgos (violin) & Nikos Papaioannou (cello)

Reservations & More info about the 4th concert...

Monday 9 March

“Starting from Crete...”

Reservations & More info about the 5th concert...

Sunday 15 March

Part Α | “Ιmprovisations and compositions, together with traditional material from Iran and Afghanistan”
Part Β | “Compositions of Stelios Petrakis and Efrén López”

Reservations & More info about the 6th concert...


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