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FB cover seminars "Labyrinth Musical Workshop is currently initiating various projects which are in accordance with the stated goals of its legal status. The aesthetics, the reliability and the sincerity of the administration and staff of the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion function as a guarantee of quality which creates the conditions for a stable and multidimensional collaboration with the Musical Workshop Labyrinth. This collaboration is scheduled to commence this winter with 14 seminars which will take place on its premises in Heraklion.

It is our view that this development facilitates the participation of a significantly larger number of musicians resident in Heraklion in our seminars as well as improving the conditions and facilities of our winter program. The project will also include a cycle of 6 concerts which will take place in the venues of the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion."

For the NPO Labyrinth Musical Workshop,

Antonis Antonakakis


"The collaboration of Labyrinth Musical Workshop with the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion represents for us at the Musical Workshop Labyrinth a development of great significance. This cooperation will afford us even greater possibilities to promote and present projects of unique educational value as well as concerts with great artists from the broader Mediterranean area extending into areas of Asia and Africa with which Mediterranean cultures have had always close and mutually beneficial relations.

Nowadays it is important to emphasize not only the timeless aspect of these cultures but also the contemporary creative activity of this geographical area, unique in our world for its cultural richness, but also, sadly, menaced in present times by political and economic instability which threaten its cultural continuity and further development. It is ultimately through art that people come together within the context of shared humanity and it is through art that we learn the true values in life." 

The Artistic Director,

Ross Daly