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Labyrinth Musical Workshop always includes instrumental seminars in its program, derived from various modal musical traditions.

Although it may seem like a simple term in a given title, ‘Technique & Repertoire’ represents the basis for the study of an instrument.

In the case of Eastern music, an instrument is somehow attached to the place of its origin, making it impossible to study its technique without delving into a certain repertoire. The lifelong study of an instrument (technique & repertoire) will subsequently allow us to use this acquired knowledge to study different musical traditions, as well as to create our own style.

3-8 July

Yurdal Osman Tokcan- Turkish oud- Master Class

17-22 July

Mustafa Said- Special techniques of the Arab oud

24-29 July

Giorgos Papaioannou- The decoration of time

Kourosh Ghazvineh- Tanbour: Kurdish -Persian makam & ritual music of Kurdistan

31 July-5 August

Daud Khan Sadozai- Afghan rabab & repertoire

Yasamine Shahhosseini- Iranian style of oud

7-12 August

Muhlis Berberoglu- Repertoire & techniques of the saz

14-19 August

Sakir Ozan Uygan -Darbuka: Rhythmic compositions                              

21-26 August

Zohar Fresco- Frame drums- Master Class

Periklis Papapetropoulos – Lavta: repertoire & technique

28 August-2 September

Pedram Khavarzamini- Tombak: Traditional Rhythms & composition

Muhittin Kemal- Kanun : Repertoire & Technique

Taxiarchis Georgoulis- Turkish Oud : Repertoire, technique & taksim


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