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The first concert of this summer features two talented musicians, Mayu Shviro and Kelly Thoma, who will present their own compositions, accompanied by Aris Kornelakis and Nur Bar Goren.

The first part includes a musical piece and an animation video created by cellist Mayu Shviro, inspired by E. Hemingway's book "The Old Man and the Sea." Mayu Shviro's music is based on Azeri, Turkish, and classical influences, as well as sounds of nature. It is interwoven with the animation film she created with Micha Yisraeli, using paintings she drew in the aesthetic of Japanese calligraphy, which was her grandfather’s legacy. Mayu Shviro is accompanied by Nur Bar Goren on percussion.

In the second part, entitled "Elafos," Kelly Thoma will present her own compositions, accompanied by Mayu Shviro, Aris Kornelakis, and Nur Bar Goren.