"Music Pathways in the Labyrinth" | Concert 2

1st part: Kelly Thoma (lyra with sympathetic strings), & Mayu Shviro (cello)

Kelly Thoma & Mayu Shviro “Duet”

Kelly Thoma and Mayu Shviro met at Labyrinth Musical Workshop on Crete and have been collaborating since 2016. They present a repertoire of contemporary modal compositions by Kelly Thoma played on cello and lyra, influenced by various musical traditions of the world and emphasizing both on improvisation as well as on a creative approach of ancient sounds. Their bows are interacting in a magical dance of melodies and rhythms through their exceptional virtuosity and musicality.


2nd part: Evgenios Voulgaris (rebab), Harris Lambrakis (ney), Saam Schlamminger (bendir)

“Under the shade”: an imagined apprenticeship with the great Ottoman composer of the 19th century Neyzen Salih Dede (1823-1886).

Salih Dede was one of the greatest of 19th-century Ottoman composers and a renowned virtuoso of the ney (reed flute). He was also an elder of the Mevlevi order of Dervishes and many of his compositions are of a ceremonial nature. In this performance, the musicians weave in and out of Salih Dede’s intricate compositions, intertwining them with improvisations in their related makams (modes).


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Event Properties

Event Date 16-02-2020 9:00 pm
Event End Date 16-02-2021 11:00 pm
Individual Price 5,00€ - 8,00€
Location Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion

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