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Harris Lambrakis | Greek Music 2: Epirus - Thessalia

Harris S 2Type of Seminar: Open - Music Group

Level of participants: All levels are welcome

Scores: No

The subject of this seminar is the musical repertoire of Epirus & Thessaly, two regions rich in rhythms, melodies, and local idioms. The approach will be through the medium and listening to the recordings of voice and of the “old” instruments (tzamara, flute) but also of newer instruments such as the clarinet. We will rely on old recordings and oral transmission as, unfortunately, very little systematic study (texts, scores) has been done with regard to the music of these regions. Special attention will be afforded to the idiomatic color and nature of the music of each area.

The aim of the seminar will be to study the repertoire of Epirus & Thessaly in such a way as to familiarize the students with this music thus enabling them to perform it even on instruments which are not usually associated with these traditions. An attempt will also be made to approach these traditions through a contemporary modal prism, pointing out similarities related elements as found in neighboring traditions. This will be done without prejudices and false dilemmas of the superiority or inferiority of the respective traditions.

(Greek Music 2: Epirus & Thessaly will be followed by Greek Music 3: Roumeli – Peleponisos).



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Harris Lambrakis, gives seminars and Master Classes in Greece and throughout the world and he has participated in more than 150 albums in Greek and international discography. He started music at a very young age and his first music teacher was his father, the painter Giorgos Lambrakis...

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Event Date 09-09-2019
Event End Date 14-09-2019
Individual Price 230€
Location Crete
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