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Murat Aydemir | Turkish Tanbur

MuratType of Seminar: Open - Instrument Centered (Turkish Tanbur)

Level of participants:  Intermediate

Scores: Yes

The Tanbur is one of the oldest instruments in Turkish music and it is particularly difficult to master as it requires great accuracy, control, and attention to sound quality together with a comprehensive knowledge of the Makam tradition. Traditionally tanbur players are particularly knowledgeable about Makams, given that their instrument is widely considered as the ideal instrument on which to study this intricate and rich tradition. 

The seminar will focus on the repertoire, the playing styles and the development of the tanbur.


Seminars of all types include ten 3-hour courses and the timetable is defined in consultation with the teacher in the first lesson!

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*Every Friday and Sunday evening we organize a concert ["Music Fridays"] - ["Music Sundays"].  (Soon more info about location, time & program).


Murat Aydemir is one of Turkey's finest tanbur players. He has successfully managed to integrate all of the knowledge and experience of the older generation of master tanbur players together with new techniques and ideas in a, particularly harmonious and tasteful style...

Event Properties

Event Date 08-07-2019
Event End Date 13-07-2019
Individual Price 230€
Location Crete

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