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Stelios Petrakis | Contemporary Cretan Compositions

Stelios2Type of seminar: Open - Music Group

Level of Participants: Intermediate

Scores: Yes - (The knowledge of reading scores is not necessary to participate in this seminar)

In this seminar we will seek first to determine the basic structural “material” out of which Cretan music is created (instrumentation, ornaments, and exemplary phrasing), as well as to present and analyze examples from compositions which derive from various different sources and genres, which could potentially serve as “source material” for an aspiring composer to creatively employ in a tasteful manner to create something simultaneously original, aesthetically pleasing, and with depth. We will also examine other compositions which are perhaps somewhat “uncharacteristic” of Cretan music. Compositions which, although very beautiful, would perhaps not appeal to those who are not fully “initiated”.

We will seek out ways to create new compositions with, on the one hand, a distinct Cretan character, and on the other which are somewhat more “open” and not just for the hard-core aficionados of Cretan traditional music.

Of special importance will be the search for “pleasant surprises” in the new compositions and not merely the rehashing of overworked musical patterns. These compositions in a more “open” approach to Cretan music are able to attract serious listeners who often have totally different musical backgrounds as well as to act as a counterbalance to the gradual narrowing of Cretan music which is visible in recent decades.

Special emphasis will be afforded to the compositions of the students themselves which we will orchestrate and record during the course of the seminar.

Our goal is for each student to complete the seminar with at least one composition of his/her own orchestrated and recorded.



Seminars of all types include ten 3-hour courses and the timetable is defined in consultation with the teacher in the first lesson!

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Stelios Petrakis is a composer, instrumentalist, and luthier. He was initiated into the art of the Cretan Lyra at a very early age. Today, with 8 CDs and many international awards, he is widely considered to be one of the foremost exponents and innovators within the context of this tradition. He is currently involved in two projects: The Cretan Quartet and the Trio Lopez-Petrakis-Chemirani. With these two projects, he travels around the world performing his music. He also maintains an instrument making atelier where he constructs various instruments including the Lyra, Laouto, Bulgari, and other historical and contemporary instruments.




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Event Date 22-07-2019
Event End Date 27-07-2019
Individual Price 230€
Location Crete
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