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Ross Daly - Structure & Phrasing of Makams

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Type of Seminar: Open - Music Group

Participant Level: Intermediate

Scores: Yes

The Makam system of modal analysis is perhaps the most widely dispersed in the world today. That does not mean however that there is not a lot of regional variety within the geographical region in which we find makams. For example, the makams found in the Iraqi, Syrian, Maghrebi or Turkish tradition bear little resemblance to those of the Uyghurs of Central Asia or of Azerbaijan.

What is common to all however is the way of understanding and processing modal information as archetypal phrase material which, although very specific in nature, is also enormously flexible thus giving free rein to the creative abilities of each individual musician to an almost unlimited degree.

In this seminar, Ross Daly, the artistic director of the Musical Workshop Labyrinth, will analyze and give examples of both simple and compound makams as they are found in the Turkish classical system, primarily through the medium of the characteristic phrase material associated with each of them, whilst simultaneously highlighting their shared common ground as well as the pathways that connect them all to one another.

Musicians with all instruments capable of reproducing non tempered tonal material are welcome to participate.

Ross Daly, at a very early age, discovered that music was, in his own words, “the language of my dialogue with that which I perceive to be sacred”...

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Event Date 04-03-2019 5:00 pm
Event End Date 09-03-2019 8:00 pm
Individual Price 230€
Location Crete
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