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Ψαρ╬«ς 1The laouto was originally the most important instrument of accompaniment in Cretan music, but, in recent decades, it has also developed into a solo instrument in its own right. Giorgos Xylouris has played a very important role in this process, not only due to his numerous technical innovations, but especially due to his aesthetic approach. He studiously avoids any innovations which compromise the aesthetic individuality of Cretan music, whilst simultaneously working in a very creative and imaginative way with any elements which compliment it.

This is a very difficult and time-consuming process which started many decades ago with his uncle Giannis Xylouris, who was considered to be one of the fore most laouto players of the second half of the 20th century, and who was Giorgos' teacher. Today Giannis and Giorgos Xylouris often perform duets together in which the laouto is featured as a solo instrument of exceptional beauty.

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