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Tigran Aleksanyan was born in the historic Ararat Mountains of Armenia and settled in the UK in 2001. Music having been an important part of Tigran Aleksanyan's life from early childhood, his father enrolled him at music school at age nine.

He started learning the shvi flute before moving on to the duduk, an instrument unique to the Caucasus if not Armenia, being a wooden double reed instrument with a timbre somewhere between that of the clarinet's chalumeau register and that of a bassoon and almost capable of rivaling the enormous volume of the zurna (a kind of shawm widespread from the Caucasus and the rest of the Middle East to North Africa and Central Asia).

The duduk is generally considered the most important (and most characteristic) instrument in the Armenian folk traditions. Aleksanyan studied the duduk under two of the country's greatest masters among others, absorbing their secrets and different styles and whatever else he could to develop his own musical style and voice. He also studied at and graduated from the Armenian Conservatory in 1992.

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