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The teachers that are currently participating in the Workshop's activities

Hooshan FAHooshang Farahani was born (1967) in Farahan (the central province of Iran). He is a graduate of Psychology, Educational science, and Ethnomusicology (Art University of Tehran). He has started learning Tar and Setar at a young age and later has continued with the music composition.

His first professional experience was in 1989 when he composed music for two drama plays. Apart from his work in music composition, Hooshang has published an essay about the history of music, music therapy and the use of music in psychology, which was translated as well in English. 

Hooshang Farahani is considered to be one of the foremost exponents of Persian music for Tar. He has participated in concerts in Iran and abroad. The recent years he has promoted the Persian music as a director of the Shyeda Music School in Karaj. 




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