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NegarNegar Bouban is an Iranian musician, oud player and musicologist, born in 1973, Tehran. She got her Master’s of Architecture at the faculty of fine arts, University of Tehran with a design for Tehran’s music conservatory, and her PhD in Art Studies with an interdisciplinary study of Rhythm in Persian Music and language.

Negar learned oud and Persian Dastgah-Music with Mansour Nariman and worked with him on his books for Oud learners. She has been working with many Ensembles in recording and performing Persian music since 1993, the most prominent of which has been: Showqname project -performing compositions attributed to Abdolqader Maraqi- , projects with Hamavayan Ensemble under artistic direction of the renowned Hossein Alizadeh; and the international World-Jazz project: Eurasians-Unity.

Negar has always had her heart with solo music, doing concerts and recordings of solo oud or oud and vocals, of which four solo albums are released so far: Continu (Tehran, 2008), In Turn (New York, 2011), Through (New York, 2012) and A Tale foretold (Tehran, 2016). A fifth album titled On Fire is about to be released in 2018. She has, at the same time, been busy doing research in music and teaching at music conservatory and universities since 2000; based on the experience of which she has published two books for oud learners: Oud Method for Persian Music (IBook 2016), and Highs and Lows of Oud: exercises for oud learners and oud players (2018).

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