Workshop's Teachers
The teachers that are currently participating in the Workshop's activities


Derya Türkan is a master of Istanbul Kemençe. He plays improvisational as well as the Ottoman classical music repertoire. Türkan was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1973. He grew up in a musical family and his first music lessons were with the well known Turkish cellist Firat Kiziltug. Türkan attended and graduated from the Turkish Music Conservatory Instruments Education Department of the Istanbul Technical University, where he studied with Ihsan Özgen, an internationally recognized Turkish musician.

Nikos PapNikos Papaioannou was born in Athens in 1991. He was graduated in music from the Music School Alimou of Athens and has a diploma in cello performance from the Attico Conservatory of Athens with Professor Marina Kislitsina.


Efren Lopez, is one of today's most innovative and creative artists working in the field of Modal Music. He is a highly original composer whose works rests on a sound foundation of extensive knowledge acquired during the course of many years of intensive study under the guidance of some of the world's foremost master musicians.

Ψαρής 1The laouto was originally the most important instrument of accompaniment in Cretan music, but, in recent decades, it has also developed into a solo instrument in its own right. Giorgos Xylouris has played a very important role in this process, not only due to his numerous technical innovations, but especially due to his aesthetic approach. He studiously avoids any innovations which compromise the aesthetic individuality of Cretan music, whilst simultaneously working in a very creative and imaginative way with any elements which compliment it.

Muhitin 1

Muhittin Kemal, born in Karlsruhe, Germany, first came across music at the age of 5. Under the supervision of composer and lutenist Ismet Alpaslan he learned the basics of classical Turkish music both in song and theory. At the age of nine he gained his first experiences with an instrument on a violin participating in a choir founded by Ismet Alpaslan.

Goksel B

Göksel Baktagir is universally recognized as one of the leading artists of our time with regards to the traditional performance of the Kanun, having explored extensively all of the possibilities and limits of the instrument, which, although originally an instrument of Turkish music, is also capable of extending into other genres such as New Age and Jazz.


He started his music training in 1985 studying Byzantine music. His interest in traditional music started in 1992 and took the form of apprenticeship next to Christos Tsiamoulis. Since 2001 he has been attending lessons on the interpretation of Ottoman music next to Fahrettin Cimenli in Istanbul. Of particular importance to his musical training has been a series of seminars on the oud, saz, afghani rabab, as well as composition and orchestration in the context of the “Labyrinth” Musical Workshops organized in Houdetsi, Crete.

ΛαμπράκηςHarris Lambrakis, gives seminars and Master Classes in Greece and throughout the world and he has participated in more than 150 albums in Greek and international discography. He started music at a very young age and his first music teacher was his father, the painter Giorgos Lambrakis.

Papaioannou GGiorgos Papaioannou was born in Athens in 1982. He began his musical studies at an early age at the Attiko Conservatory. Since the age of 15 he has participated in several classical orchestras as well as in many other music groups incorporating various styles.


Ivan Varimezov was born in Bulgaria and received a B.A. degree in folk instrument performance and ensemble conducting from the Academy of Music and Dance in Plovdiv. Raised in the traditions of his native region of Strandzha, he is one of the most outstanding gaida (bagpipe) players of his generation, and he has many solo recordings and awards to his name. 

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