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The teachers that are currently participating in the Workshop's activities

Ido fnl

Born in Israel, he starts studying Indian Classical Music in the year 2000. For nine years Ido lives in India, studying it´s fascinating and complex music. He starts his studies with Dr J.N Goswani (a renowned Sitar player from Varansi) and in 2005 he is accepted as a student of the great sitar master Ustad Shujaat Hussain Khan.

ΠαπαπετρόπουλοςPeriklis Papapetropoulos was born in Athens but grew up on the island of Crete. His first musical experiences were with Cretan traditional music and at the age of 16 he participated in village festivals as part of the group of Psarantonis playing laouto and bulgari. In 1985 he met Ross Daly and studied saz and tanbur with him for several years before becoming a regular member of his ongoing musical workshop “Labyrinth”. As a member of “Labyrinth” he participated in concerts, recordings and television productions in Greece and abroad.


Peppe Frana passionate from a young age about rock music from America and overseas, he quickly became the nightmare of the best electric guitar teachers in the area. At 20 he was dazzled by interest in modal music from outside Europe thanks to the work of Ross Daly and took up the study of Turkish oud and other cordophones played with a plectrum, making frequent trips to Greece and Turkey.

Ross B 1

Many years before what we call “World Music” appeared on the scene, certain individuals had already understood the enormous value and vast variety of the world’s various musical traditions and had dedicated their lives to the study of them.  One such person is Ross Daly.  Although of Irish descent, Ross Daly does not really fit into any particular ethnic stereotype given that his life has been spent in many different parts of the world and his home for the last 35 years is the island of Crete in Greece.


Tigran Aleksanyan was born in the historic Ararat Mountains of Armenia and settled in the UK in 2001. Music having been an important part of Tigran Aleksanyan's life from early childhood, his father enrolled him at music school at age nine.

Arslan 19Arslan Hazreti (Aler) was born in Tabriz, Iran in 1976. His childhood period is influenced by Iran's new regime and the Iran-Iraq war. His music life began under the shadow of the new regime and a war-torn country and its harsh conditions he started to learn kamancha at the age of thirteen and took mugham lessons from Cavit Murtezaoglu. The artist, engaging in the Iran and Azerbaijan culture simultaneously, have found the opportunity to internalize the mughams and traditional kinds of music of both regions.

NegarNegar Bouban is an Iranian musician, oud player and musicologist, born in 1973, Tehran. She got her Master’s of Architecture at the faculty of fine arts, University of Tehran with a design for Tehran’s music conservatory, and her PhD in Art Studies with an interdisciplinary study of Rhythm in Persian Music and language.


Theodora Athanasiou was born in Athens. She holds a degree in Education Studies from the University of Patras. She turned to music at the early age of six, teaching herself the bouzouki the baglama and taking part in school music bands and clubs.

Τατακι2Michalis Stavrakakis was born in the village of Armanogia in the Heraklion province and he grew up in the town of Anogeia in Rethymnon where he developed a relationship with music based on the lifestyle of the area itself in which music is a very important part. He became actively involved with the mandolin and the laouto from his childhood years.

DaudSDaud Khan, was born in Kabul/Afghanistan in 1955. He studied Robab (a traditional lute-instrument of Afghanistan) with Ustad Muhammad Umar, who was the most famous Robab-interpret of the classical style as well as the traditional folklore style in his country. The knowledge about building as well as playing the Robab has become rare, and only a few artists still keep the tradition of the classical robab-style which was mainly represented by Ustad Muhammad Umar in Kabul. Daud Khan is trying to preserve this authentic style of his master’s school.

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